Pågenlimpan, Pågen

Pågenlimpan, Pågen

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Pågen loaf, Pågen, 900 g.

The classic Pågenlimpan is baked on wheat and sifted rye flour. The sourdough together with the syrup in the bread gives a soft and juicy loaf. Goes well with most toppings as well as breakfast, dessert and evening sandwiches.

Nutritional value per 100 grams
energy 1150 kilojoules
energy 275 kilocalories
fat 1.9 grams
of which saturated fat 0.7 grams
carbohydrate 52 grams
of which sugars 11 grams
fiber 3.8 grams
protein 9.6 grams
salt 0.9 grams

WHEAT flour 1, water, sifted and scalded RYE flour 1, syrup 1, sourdough on wholegrain RYE 1 and WHEAT 1, WHEAT gluten 1, scalded WHEAT flour 1, rapeseed oil 1, malt from GRAIN, yeast, salt. 1 Swedish-grown raw material. SWEDISH FLOUR 100% flour from Swedish-grown grain ground in our own mill.