Chicken cake, Pågen

Chicken cake, Pågen

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Chicken cake, Pågen, 450 g.

Tasty soft bread baked on wheat and rye for large cakes that are cut to the desired size, which makes it usable in many different contexts.

Nutritional value per 100 grams
energy about 1286 kilojoules
energy approx. 307 kilocalories
fat about 5.4 grams
of which saturated fat about 0.6 grams
carbohydrate about 55 grams
of which sugars about 9.9 grams
fiber about 2.9 grams
protein about 8 grams
salt about 1 gram

WHEAT flour1, water, sugar1, sifted RYE flour1, rapeseed oil, whole grain RYE flour, sea salt, WHEAT sourdough, WHEAT gluten, vegetable emulsifier mono and diglycerides of fatty acids (sunflower, rapeseed), yeast, GRAIN malt and salt. 1 Swedish-grown raw material. SWEDISH FLOUR 97% flour from Swedish-grown grain ground in our own mill.