Fish balls lobster sauce, Abba

Fish balls lobster sauce, Abba

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Fish balls lobster sauce, Abba, 375 g.

Fish balls made from fish fillet in a sauce with a mild taste of lobster. Is quick and easy to prepare and goes with most accessories.

Nutritional value per 100 grams
energy about 314 kilojoules
energy about 75 kilocalories
fat about 4.5 grams
of which saturated fat about 0.8 grams
of which unsaturated fat about 2.5 grams
of which polyunsaturated fat about 1.2 grams
carbohydrate about 4.7 grams
of which sugars about 0.7 grams
protein about 4.1 grams
salt about 1.2 grams
The fish in the fish bun is MSC certified and varies depending on availability. The fish used are indicated with a code system on the bottom of the can, along with the current catch area. Explanation code system: K=Haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus), T=Cod (Gadus morhua), S=Tel (Pollachius virens), G=Golden salmon (Argentina silus), 1=Barents Sea, 2=Norwegian Sea, 3=Skagerack and/ or Kattegat, 4=North Sea, 5=The sea around the Faroe Islands and Iceland. Lobster meat (Homarus americanus) – Northwest Atlantic.


Fish balls: FISH MEAT (56%), MILK, water, potato flour, rapeseed oil, salt, spice extract (including nutmeg). Sauce: water, CREAM, rapeseed oil, corn starch, LOBSTER MEAT (1%), tomato puree, FISH EXTRACT, salt, spices (including paprika), thickener (fruit pulp), paprika extract, natural flavoring (contains FISH and MILK). Abba fish balls in lobster sauce contain 51% fish balls. Of the package's total content, 28% is fish meat and 0.5% lobster meat.