Novelty! Favorite mix original mix, Malaco

Novelty! Favorite mix original mix, Malaco

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Favorite mix original mix, Malaco, 900 g.

A collection of Malaco's most popular candy favorites. Contains i.a. chewy pacifiers, cola bottles, school crayons, zoo monkeys and melon wedges in different flavors of both sweet, salty and sour.
Suitable for holiday coziness all year round and especially good for the big candy-eating holiday Halloween.


per 100 grams

energy 1491 kilojoules
energy 353 kilocalories
fat 0.4 grams
of which saturated fat 0.4 grams
carbohydrate 85 grams
of which sugars 62 gram
protein 1.9 grams
salt 0.06 gram
Sugar, glucose syrup, starch, glucose-fructose syrup, gelatin, molasses, modified starch, WHEAT FLOUR, ammonium chloride (=salmia), acids (E330, E270, E334), licorice extract, fully hardened coconut fat, vegetable oils (coconut, rapeseed), flavourings, thickeners (gum arabic), humectants (glycerol, sorbitols), colors (E153, E150c, E150d, E120, E160c, E141, E160e, E160a), surface treatment (beeswax, carnauba wax), concentrate from (black carrot), salt.