West Coast Soup, Blue Ribbon

West Coast Soup, Blue Ribbon

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West Coast Soup, Blue Band, 3 servings

Powder mix that is quickly and easily mixed into a west coast soup with the flavor of the sea of ​​fish and shellfish. Suitable for starters, lunch or dinner.

Nutritional value per 250 milliliters, Cooked
energy about 550 kilojoules
energy about 130 kilocalories
fat about 5.5 grams
of which saturated fat about 2.8 grams
carbohydrate about 15 grams
of which sugars about 4.4 grams
fiber < 1 gram
protein about 4.5 grams
salt about 2.5 grams

WHEAT FLOUR, palm fat, corn starch, glucose syrup, salt, COD [4.9%], tomato, aroma (contains MILK and CELERY), LACTOSE, onion, emulsifier (E 451, SOY LECITIN), MILK PROTEIN, CRÉME FRAICHE, ground SHRIMP [1, 7%], maltodextrin, tapioca starch, red bell pepper, leek, LOBSTER EXTRACT, FOAM MILK POWDER, CRAB EXTRACT, parsley, acid (citric acid).