Fruktmums raspberries from 6 months, Semper

Fruktmums raspberries from 6 months, Semper

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Fruktmums raspberries from 6 months, Semper, 110 g.

Fruit puree, without added sugar, of raspberries together with apple and banana in a practical squeeze bag for children from the age of 6 months. Suitable to eat with mellis or as a dessert after the meal. The squeeze bag makes it easy to take with you on the excursion and the child can hold, squeeze and eat by himself.

Nutritional value per 100 grams, Cooked
energy about 226 kilojoules
energy about 53 kilocalories
fat about 0.1 gram
of which saturated fat < 0.1 gram
carbohydrate about 12 grams
of which sugars about 11 grams
protein about 0.6 grams
salt about 0.02 grams

Apple 76%, raspberry 12%, banana 12%, lemon juice concentrate.