Porridge strawberry & banana from 6 months ready to eat, Semper

Porridge strawberry & banana from 6 months ready to eat, Semper

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Porridge strawberry & banana from 6 months, Semper, ready to eat 120 g.

Ready-to-eat porridge with strawberry and banana in a practical squeeze bag for children from 6 months of age. The porridge is iron-enriched and contains i.a. calcium and vitamin C for extra nutrition. Can be eaten both hot and cold, which makes it suitable to take with you on an excursion, and the squeeze bag allows the child to hold, squeeze and eat the porridge themselves.


Nutritional value per 100 grams

energy about 343 kilojoules
energy about 81 kilocalories
fat about 1.9 grams
of which saturated fat about 0.1 gram
carbohydrate about 15 grams
of which sugars about 9.7 grams
protein about 1 gram
salt about 0.08 grams
vitamin E about 1 milligram
vitamin C about 12 milligrams
thiamine about 0.2 milligrams
niacin about 1.8 milligrams
vitamin B6 about 0.12 milligrams
folic acid about 18 micrograms
calcium about 60 milligrams
iron about 1.2 milligrams
zinc about 0.7 milligrams
iodine about 10 micrograms
Fruit 70% (banana 25%, strawberry 16%, apple juice (from concentrate), grape juice (from concentrate), blueberries), water, cereals (rice flour, OAT flour, OAT groats), rapeseed oil, lemon juice (from concentrate), minerals (calcium, iron, zinc, iodine), vitamins (C, niacin, E, thiamin, B6, folic acid).