Bulgur whole grain, Grape

Bulgur whole grain, Grape

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Bulgur whole grain, Druvan, 850 g.

Whole wheat bulgur is made from whole wheat grains that are boiled, dried and crushed. Its rich content of fiber makes it nutritious and with a rich taste. Bulgur is used as an alternative to pasta, potatoes and rice and goes well with fish, meat, chicken as well as with healthier salads.


Nutritional value per 100 grams

energy about 1250 kilojoules
energy about 300 kilocalories
fat about 2.5 grams
of which saturated fat about 0.5 grams
of which unsaturated fat about 0.5 grams
of which polyunsaturated fat about 1.5 grams
carbohydrate about 54 grams
of which sugars about 1.5 grams
protein about 15 grams
fiber about 13 grams
sodium about 0.015 grams

Precooked whole grain durum wheat.